Lynn O’Grady smiles in her office while holding a platter of holiday cookies and her family cookbook. 
December 16 • Isabel A. & Caroline P.
Claire C.
Bella M. '21 at the Junior holiday party
December 16 • Sophia HK.
Dr. Shinshill Park conducts the fourth grade class in ‘A Marshmallow World.’
Vivian L. ’20 and Max E. ’21 observe Elisa D. ’20’s series of paintings.
December 16 • Caroline L.
Jadyn L.
Hannah W.
Mr. Baldwin with his two daughters
December 16 • Hailey T.
December 16 • Katie S. & Hannah W.

Taken from Mary Claine's Instagram

December 16 • Katie S.
Elijah Novelage/Reuters
Kamala Harris speaking in Oakland, California after announcing her candidacy for president in January 2019
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Emerson L.

Elisa D.

Sabrina Elfarra

Coach Scott warming up JV basketball team before a game

Gabby C.

December 16 • Jackie Y.
JV soccer team during warm-up

Gabby C.

December 16 • Caroline P.
December 16 • Gabby C.
Gender Column LOGO (Zaynab).png

Zaynab E.

December 16 • Gender Affinity
December 16 • Caroline P.

Zaynab E.