Campus Culture

Em S.’21 and Shirlynn C. '21 discuss their essay while other students receive help from the coaches
Brandon Worrell shows off his tattoo

Claire C.

Vivian L. ’20 and Max E. ’21 observe Elisa D. ’20’s series of paintings.

The Sunday before tech week for every Westridge production is cue-to-cue, a process of fine-tuning light and sound cues over the course of several hours and many, many repetitions. If you’re not a stage-seasoned senior yourself, you may wonder what exactly this process involves for the winter Black Box from the point of view of the student directors. Well, wonder no longer. Exclusive footage from the cue-to-cue for “I and You,” our 2019-20 Black Box shows what those theatre kids are actually doing for that whole mysterious sun-up to sun-down span.

Elisa D.

Sophia HK

Katie S.