December Editor's Note 

December 16, 2019

We are reaching the end of the decade. This is the last issue of Spyglass for the 2010s and I cannot help but reflect on my own last 10 years, the years that I primarily grew up in. A lot has happened in the last ten years. Politically, the United States drastically changed, technology grew massively, and my generation grew up. This change in year marks the end of a lot for me, childhood, high school, etc. It is sentimental and bittersweet to look back on everything that went on during this decade. I remember sitting at a lunch table with my best friend the day after Barack Obama was elected. I can think fondly back to when I was on a hike and my sister read on her phone that same sex marriage had been legalized. These are just two examples of crazy important history making events occurring within the last 10 years. Thinking about a full 10 years passing feels as though time is sped up. My own life is running away from me as I live it. My childhood has ended. 


This time of year always seems to be one of reflection as you think about the year you just experienced and what you want to do moving forward. I’m treating the new decade like my own New Year’s, except a bit more big picture. Famous writer Octavia Spencer coined a term “Histo-futurist” and I have decided that this is my ‘New Decade’s resolution.’ I want to constantly use my personal history and past to dictate my future, letting past and present combine so that I can always be looking forward while still reflecting back. Write in to Spyglass with your New Year’s or New Decade's Resolutions. 


Spyglass wishes everyone Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!


Because the Roaring 20s are on their way, here are 20 important things that occurred in the 2010s. They are in no particular order: 

  1. Spyglass went online! 

  2. Westridge turned 100 years old 

  3. We elected the first Black president 

  4. Same sex marriage was legalized 

  5. Hamilton: The Musical took the world by storm 

  6. The #METOO movement began

  7. The Black Lives Matter Movement was born 

  8. Streaming like Netflix and Hulu gained traction 

  9. Rise of smartphones 

  10. Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok 

  11. Beyonce released Lemonade 

  12. Podcasts became super popular 

  13. Spotify was released 

  14. Youtube became a career option 

  15. Lizzo rose to fame 

  16. Donald Trump was elected 

  17. Downton Abbey 

  18. Students all over the US walked out against Gun Violence

  19. Brett Kavanaugh became a Supreme Court Justice 

  20. Colin Kaepernick kneeled for the national anthem